World in Need of Nurturing!

If you have been reading my posts for the last couple of years, you know that there are new energies moving on the planet, and in our individual bodies.  This is attempting to awaken us into the next level of our personal potential…

The first bridge that began in 2013 is activating to connect the crown energy center to the base of the spine, bringing in the energy of the Divine Plan for the planet into the form and structure of our lives.  This basically means that we are starting to find out OUR PERSONAL place in the Divine Soul Plan for the planet… starting with just inklings of encouragement into the exact things that are most important to us (as our most honest personal truth).

The second bridge that began in 2014 is joining the 3rd eye (forehead) to the emotional body in the lower belly.  This is to bring the energy of our personal soul plan into an experiential awareness… to awaken our passion (and to encourage us to face the emotional wounding that has been held there).  In order to know our deepest PURPOSE, we must do our part… and learn how to resolve the fear, shame and judgment that we have known for so long.

That is exactly what is resolved in the teachings at EmpoweredAtLast.

The planet has been stirred up in deeper ways due to these energy accelerations of the lower, survival chakras.  People don’t know what to do with the feelings that are coming up.  And so they are crying out… and acting out more often!

We have seen more acting out that we call terrorism.  We have had more racial eruptions with police, like children feeling repressed and unheard by the authority figures.  We have had continued examples of individuals and now groups standing up and trying to make their feelings heard…

The challenge is that most people don’t understand why it is happening, or how to see it as a cry for help.  When a child doesn’t have nurturing and support, as well as tools, they act out their feelings.  They scream and throw a fit!  And they then resort to hitting, biting and hurting others… in an attempt to be heard and understood.  I AM IN PAIN!!!

Of course it is never okay for any of us to act out… and when we do, there is push back!

What we need is nurturing and a deeper Life education about how we can actually HELP ONE ANOTHER!

That is why in 2015, we need to work in clear and powerful ways to NURTURE all that is coming up.  We need to do it in our own small ways… with those around us.  The most we act as individuals, the more we inspire others… and this eventually becomes groups and grassroots movements.

The 3rd bridge that is attempting to take place in 2015 is the joining of the heart center with the solar plexus – the lower will.  This means that we are being energetically encouraged to NURTURE our wounded sense of self.  And it is SO needed on the planet.  And the more that those of us who are becoming conscious do this in our own lives, the more we will encourage it in others.

So let’s do our part… nurture Self!  Encourage others to do the same!  and send lots of love and support to those who are acting out, as they are like wounded children crying in the darkness.

We all want to know value and respect… and support.  Let’s make this a profound year of deepening our NURTURING!!!

(I am starting my year by doing a webinar on this very subject… giving people practical clues HOW they might more effectively NURTURE themselves and one another.)

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