More symptoms as we move into 2012

Hello again.

There was such a loving response to the last post I did about symptoms people are going through that I wanted to give an update.

There are higher energies moving into the lower body at this time… and as it hits blockages (of fear and defensive energies), it is creating a lot of lower back pain for people.

In that same process, many people are going through spells of feeling hopeless, purposeless and no desire for life…
and the good news is that this is balanced quite often with an awakening connection that is new and deeper… to self, to others and to life in general.

This is all a part of the transition of this unprecedented time we are in.  And it is so important to learn how to work with these awakening energies… resolving the wounds and fears that we have held for so long.  It is a real joy to be able to help people very specifically with these things.

Thanks for sharing… please tell your friends.  I want this to turn into a real destination for understanding much of what is going on in the world, how it is impacting us, and most important… more options that we have for making this the most fulfilling time we have ever known.


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