Making a LEAP in Leap Year

Hello all.

Today is not only a rare day that only comes every four years… February 29.
It also takes place in a time that is all about taking leaps forward in consciousness.  This is the most remarkable, unprecedented time we have ever known.

We have made more forward moves in the last 30 years than in the last 5000 in many ways!

So let’s take the opportunity of this Leap Year day… to make some healthy leaps.  Some things you might consider…

1. Do something nurturing for yourself… and see that you are safe and even enhanced to do so.

2. Do something kind or nurturing for someone else AFTER that… and see that you are not diminished by focusing loving support in another’s direction.

We live in a world where we have not trusted that our needs could be met.  We have lived in a world that has lacked the modeling to understand about value and support on the basic levels.  Out of that, we have lived in a world where people haven’t known how to connect to self, identify what we need… and then to make the choices that will allow us to readily meet those needs.

Without that connection to self and trust that universal support is possible in every way, we have separated ourselves… and hidden in many ways.  We have lived behind the mask of who we thought we “should be” or “had to be,” in order to get love or be acceptable.

What we can leap into as we grow into deeper truths is that it is entirely possible to resolve these inner myths and limitations… and that we can love ourselves, meet our needs… AND support others in their commitment to do the same.

This will be a real LEAP… and it must start with you and me, if we are to know that reality.

So LEAP with me into more love, nurturing, value and trust.  Happy February 29, 2012!

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