Important Reminder of Meaningful Times

Hello all

It’s easy to get so caught up in all of the activities and distractions of our lives that we rarely slow down to be grateful for the unprecedented time we live in.  Most of us were never taught how to look for the deeper meaning and value of things as they take place, nor how they actually apply to our lives.

All the while, we live in a time that has been central to the prophecies of most cultures on our planet.  For instance, most of the world is aware that the year 2012 has some profound implications, even if it is unclear what will unfold.  No matter what, it is hard to deny that we live in a time of major accelerations and awakenings.  Just look to the fact that the world has shifted into more new territory, possibilities and manifestations in the last few decades than it has in thousands of years.

Perhaps most important is that all of this has begun to create an awakening of consciousness, particularly for those who allow themselves to open to new possibilities.  And more and more people are also deciding they want to play a more direct role in making a difference.

Therefore, it is worth mentioning that we are moving into a time of holidays, celebrated by many cultures this weekend… Easter for some, Passover for others.  It is likely that every culture is immersed in the concept of death and rebirth in one way or another… endings and beginnings.

To me, that is exactly what this weekend marks… and in the year 2012, the subject of endings and beginnings is even a part of the prophecies.  So we might be well-served to remember that we play a vital role in that process, depending mostly on how we focus the intentions of our daily lives.  I think it this is really important to consider, as I watch people awaken into more of their potential every day.

Let’s not forget that we live in a world that is also in crisis in many different ways, as the old systems are making clear the limitations of the last stage of our learning that no longer serve.  IF we embrace the concept of change as a potential enhancement in our lives, rather than through the typical contraction of fear, we can shift our energies to focus on the creativity of solutions and improve every area of our lives!

Based on the consistent growth that I watch taking place, I truly believe this can be the most remarkable time we have ever known.  However, it is vital that each individual learns to integrate these new potentials in practical ways for themselves.

In closing I thank each one of you who is shifting your focus to create, value and honor life in your unique ways… as what each of us does truly impacts the quality of the whole.

I am grateful to be a part of this time.

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