It is Vital to Receive… in order to be Abundant.

People so often say they want a better job, a more intimate relationship, more money and freedom.

However, most people will admit they feel more comfortable to give than to receive.

It is not possible to manifest powerfully without an ability to receive consistently and comfortably. Come and find out some hints for learning to receive in safe and enhancing ways…

A Pain in the Neck!

We live in a world with very little conversation about energy and how to move it in the body.

We live in a world that is more stressed with things to do and more complex with opportunity at our fingertips than ever.

We live in a world that is typically caught in very busy heads… in constant thoughts and
worry, with very few tools to slow down and nurture ourselves.

That is why I have created these videos, giving 5 minute clues about how to improve the quality of our lives. This video is all about relieving stress in the neck (which can also keep you from building up energy that creates headaches and migraines).

Enjoy and share with your friends!  Healing Tension and Stress in the Neck