It is Vital to Receive… in order to be Abundant.

People so often say they want a better job, a more intimate relationship, more money and freedom.

However, most people will admit they feel more comfortable to give than to receive.

It is not possible to manifest powerfully without an ability to receive consistently and comfortably. Come and find out some hints for learning to receive in safe and enhancing ways…

A Pain in the Neck!

We live in a world with very little conversation about energy and how to move it in the body.

We live in a world that is more stressed with things to do and more complex with opportunity at our fingertips than ever.

We live in a world that is typically caught in very busy heads… in constant thoughts and
worry, with very few tools to slow down and nurture ourselves.

That is why I have created these videos, giving 5 minute clues about how to improve the quality of our lives. This video is all about relieving stress in the neck (which can also keep you from building up energy that creates headaches and migraines).

Enjoy and share with your friends!  Healing Tension and Stress in the Neck

Hay House I Can Do It

I just returned from a phenomenal event in Denver called I Can Do It! Hay House, the largest self-help publishing house in the world, put on an event of author/speakers to 3000 attendees. It was all run so professionally and proved to be a well-oiled machine.

The talks given by Wayne Dyer, Christiane Northrup, Cheryl Richardson and others were truly inspiring. There were many other options as well, making for a full three days of inspiration.

If you have never gone to one of these Hay House events, I deeply encourage it!

Healing Depression Made Simple

It is so important that we begin to understand DEPRESSION and what it is at a source level.  When we understand that, we can get ahead of it… and resolve it in very nurturing,
loving ways!

This week’s video on my Nurturing Solutions for Seekers YouTube Channel is
Healing Depression Made Simple.  I hope you will watch and share it with your friendsand loved ones!

Launching 5 Minute Videos on YouTube – Nurturing Solutions for Seekers!

I am so excited to deepen the conversation that we already have going here at

This is a weekly series of 5 minute videos that provide practical, nurturing clues that will definitely enhance your life.  It is called Nurturing Solutions for Seekers.

Here is a link to the Intro Video…

I would love to hear from you when you visit!

World in Need of Nurturing!

If you have been reading my posts for the last couple of years, you know that there are new energies moving on the planet, and in our individual bodies.  This is attempting to awaken us into the next level of our personal potential…

The first bridge that began in 2013 is activating to connect the crown energy center to the base of the spine, bringing in the energy of the Divine Plan for the planet into the form and structure of our lives.  This basically means that we are starting to find out OUR PERSONAL place in the Divine Soul Plan for the planet… starting with just inklings of encouragement into the exact things that are most important to us (as our most honest personal truth).

The second bridge that began in 2014 is joining the 3rd eye (forehead) to the emotional body in the lower belly.  This is to bring the energy of our personal soul plan into an experiential awareness… to awaken our passion (and to encourage us to face the emotional wounding that has been held there).  In order to know our deepest PURPOSE, we must do our part… and learn how to resolve the fear, shame and judgment that we have known for so long.

That is exactly what is resolved in the teachings at EmpoweredAtLast.

The planet has been stirred up in deeper ways due to these energy accelerations of the lower, survival chakras.  People don’t know what to do with the feelings that are coming up.  And so they are crying out… and acting out more often!

We have seen more acting out that we call terrorism.  We have had more racial eruptions with police, like children feeling repressed and unheard by the authority figures.  We have had continued examples of individuals and now groups standing up and trying to make their feelings heard…

The challenge is that most people don’t understand why it is happening, or how to see it as a cry for help.  When a child doesn’t have nurturing and support, as well as tools, they act out their feelings.  They scream and throw a fit!  And they then resort to hitting, biting and hurting others… in an attempt to be heard and understood.  I AM IN PAIN!!!

Of course it is never okay for any of us to act out… and when we do, there is push back!

What we need is nurturing and a deeper Life education about how we can actually HELP ONE ANOTHER!

That is why in 2015, we need to work in clear and powerful ways to NURTURE all that is coming up.  We need to do it in our own small ways… with those around us.  The most we act as individuals, the more we inspire others… and this eventually becomes groups and grassroots movements.

The 3rd bridge that is attempting to take place in 2015 is the joining of the heart center with the solar plexus – the lower will.  This means that we are being energetically encouraged to NURTURE our wounded sense of self.  And it is SO needed on the planet.  And the more that those of us who are becoming conscious do this in our own lives, the more we will encourage it in others.

So let’s do our part… nurture Self!  Encourage others to do the same!  and send lots of love and support to those who are acting out, as they are like wounded children crying in the darkness.

We all want to know value and respect… and support.  Let’s make this a profound year of deepening our NURTURING!!!

(I am starting my year by doing a webinar on this very subject… giving people practical clues HOW they might more effectively NURTURE themselves and one another.)

Important Reminder of Meaningful Times

Hello all

It’s easy to get so caught up in all of the activities and distractions of our lives that we rarely slow down to be grateful for the unprecedented time we live in.  Most of us were never taught how to look for the deeper meaning and value of things as they take place, nor how they actually apply to our lives.

All the while, we live in a time that has been central to the prophecies of most cultures on our planet.  For instance, most of the world is aware that the year 2012 has some profound implications, even if it is unclear what will unfold.  No matter what, it is hard to deny that we live in a time of major accelerations and awakenings.  Just look to the fact that the world has shifted into more new territory, possibilities and manifestations in the last few decades than it has in thousands of years.

Perhaps most important is that all of this has begun to create an awakening of consciousness, particularly for those who allow themselves to open to new possibilities.  And more and more people are also deciding they want to play a more direct role in making a difference.

Therefore, it is worth mentioning that we are moving into a time of holidays, celebrated by many cultures this weekend… Easter for some, Passover for others.  It is likely that every culture is immersed in the concept of death and rebirth in one way or another… endings and beginnings.

To me, that is exactly what this weekend marks… and in the year 2012, the subject of endings and beginnings is even a part of the prophecies.  So we might be well-served to remember that we play a vital role in that process, depending mostly on how we focus the intentions of our daily lives.  I think it this is really important to consider, as I watch people awaken into more of their potential every day.

Let’s not forget that we live in a world that is also in crisis in many different ways, as the old systems are making clear the limitations of the last stage of our learning that no longer serve.  IF we embrace the concept of change as a potential enhancement in our lives, rather than through the typical contraction of fear, we can shift our energies to focus on the creativity of solutions and improve every area of our lives!

Based on the consistent growth that I watch taking place, I truly believe this can be the most remarkable time we have ever known.  However, it is vital that each individual learns to integrate these new potentials in practical ways for themselves.

In closing I thank each one of you who is shifting your focus to create, value and honor life in your unique ways… as what each of us does truly impacts the quality of the whole.

I am grateful to be a part of this time.

More symptoms as we move into 2012

Hello again.

There was such a loving response to the last post I did about symptoms people are going through that I wanted to give an update.

There are higher energies moving into the lower body at this time… and as it hits blockages (of fear and defensive energies), it is creating a lot of lower back pain for people.

In that same process, many people are going through spells of feeling hopeless, purposeless and no desire for life…
and the good news is that this is balanced quite often with an awakening connection that is new and deeper… to self, to others and to life in general.

This is all a part of the transition of this unprecedented time we are in.  And it is so important to learn how to work with these awakening energies… resolving the wounds and fears that we have held for so long.  It is a real joy to be able to help people very specifically with these things.

Thanks for sharing… please tell your friends.  I want this to turn into a real destination for understanding much of what is going on in the world, how it is impacting us, and most important… more options that we have for making this the most fulfilling time we have ever known.


Becoming Informed of Future Blog Posts

Hello all!

I have been so pleased and grateful with the feedback I have received in the first couple of months of having this blog.  Many of you have asked about being kept informed of future posts…

For now, there are two ways…  Go to facebook and “LIKE” Empowered At Last.

or go to the home page link at the top of this page… and share your first name and email.
I will then be able to keep you informed, and send you a bi-monthly newsletter with inspiring stories, personal articles and other treats.

I so look forward to sharing more perspectives about all that is going on in the world at this unprecedented time of acceleration and change.

blessings to all,  Ron

Vital: Finding an Hour for YOU

We live in a time marked by immediate gratification, distractions and busy, busy, busy!

What most people do not know is that staying so busy will never allow us to experience a life that is truly fulfilled.  Full-filled.  Just look at the word.  It implies something on the INSIDE is full.

Having worked with people for 22 years now, I know how few people know lives that are fulfilled from the inside out.  And it is shocking that we have so little life education that we don’t realize that more activities and “stuff” won’t do it.

What I encourage you to do is to interrupt your life… so that you begin to find ONE HOUR for your inner life a week.  There are ways to get to know yourself that are deeply pleasurable and nurturing.  Looking to the inside, with guidance, will allow you to get to know your own needs!  And fulfilling your needs is exactly what will allow you to experience a life that is Full-Filled and successful.

I have created this course so that it can be done in one hour a week…
The opportunity is here.  Only you can decide that you are worth it.
Let me know how I can help.    Ron

Making a LEAP in Leap Year

Hello all.

Today is not only a rare day that only comes every four years… February 29.
It also takes place in a time that is all about taking leaps forward in consciousness.  This is the most remarkable, unprecedented time we have ever known.

We have made more forward moves in the last 30 years than in the last 5000 in many ways!

So let’s take the opportunity of this Leap Year day… to make some healthy leaps.  Some things you might consider…

1. Do something nurturing for yourself… and see that you are safe and even enhanced to do so.

2. Do something kind or nurturing for someone else AFTER that… and see that you are not diminished by focusing loving support in another’s direction.

We live in a world where we have not trusted that our needs could be met.  We have lived in a world that has lacked the modeling to understand about value and support on the basic levels.  Out of that, we have lived in a world where people haven’t known how to connect to self, identify what we need… and then to make the choices that will allow us to readily meet those needs.

Without that connection to self and trust that universal support is possible in every way, we have separated ourselves… and hidden in many ways.  We have lived behind the mask of who we thought we “should be” or “had to be,” in order to get love or be acceptable.

What we can leap into as we grow into deeper truths is that it is entirely possible to resolve these inner myths and limitations… and that we can love ourselves, meet our needs… AND support others in their commitment to do the same.

This will be a real LEAP… and it must start with you and me, if we are to know that reality.

So LEAP with me into more love, nurturing, value and trust.  Happy February 29, 2012!

Moving Out into the World More Fully

Hello to all…

I first want to say thank you to all of the new visitors who have been finding the blog here at  Your lovely comments and encouragement have been very touching.  And I am glad that more people are starting to visit here.  I have only had the blog up for a very short time… and there will be much more to come over time.

The title of this blog is simply to state my intention to finally move more fully out into the world with the message of empowerment that I have to offer.  We live in a world that is desperate for healthy, clear “life education.”

Life education?  What does that even mean?

From my travels around the planet, it seems to me that our world has sorely lacked the ability to educate and model many, many things.  We have not been educated to even value ourselves as individuals in many ways… with so much pressure to imitate those who came before us… to agree with the limits of past comfort zones…

We have been held in the initial conditioning of doing what we perceived was the “right” set of choices… so that we could avoid upsetting and creating conflict… and being rejected if we were to make some “wrong” choices that stretched the comfort zones too far.

I imagine the frustration that follows this pervasive pressure has stifled many potential pioneers and innovators over time.  Imagine how the ones we are now grateful for felt to push the envelope with their arrogance… “The world is NOT flat!”  “The Earth is NOT the center of the Universe!”  “Much more IS possible for each one of us!”

Wait a minute… who said that last one?  Well, ME for one.  The great news is that we have reached a time of acceleration on the planet with unprecedented shifts.  We can see it all around us… and yet, most have little awareness that the same accelerations are trying to take place within us.

I, as one of many, have been on a search for deeper answers… that would allow us to claim the inklings that much more is possible… as a REALITY!

I am thrilled to say that in the last decades my search has allowed me to not only gather a vast body of information from around the world… but also a deep pool of experience, as I have applied many new approaches in my own life.  I now live in depths of experience, meaning and value that I couldn’t even imagine 20 years ago!

And I have dedicated my life to sharing that body of information and approach to life with others.  For the last 22 years, I have been sharing the clear layers of information and simple, but powerful tools with clients.  It started out in NYC, but has become a body of clients all around the world.

Word of mouth has been the only advertising… and yet it has allowed hundreds and then thousands of people to begin applying layers of this pioneer’s approach to truly LIVING life, awakening as individuals who value themselves… and are constantly surprised at how safe and nurturing it can be!

From that word of mouth, I have been completely booked and busy… and out of the trust that 100% of the people make such clear forward moves, I am finally interrupting the cycle to move more fully into the world with this exciting message.

My first speaking event will be speaking at the Messenger’s Summit in San Diego in March, 2012.  And the launch of this website into its official form will take place in March, 2012 as well…

I am so excited.  It has been heartbreaking to watch people everywhere in such need… needing a clear life education that would allow them to create lives that constantly get better and better and better.  Watching, and knowing that I could truly help.  And now, with this website, I am finally able to pass on much more of what has made such a difference in my own life.

So I hope that you will all help pass the word about EmpoweredAtLast.  And I hope that you will not only read the blogs… but that you will invest in yourselves with the Course.  There is no way for me to adequately convey what you will gain by investing in yourself in this way.

I hope to be able to share more fully with each one of you.
Blessings… Ron

What Can We Learn from the loss of Whitney Houston?

How many of us were saddened yesterday when we heard that Whitney Houston is gone at the age of only 48 years?!?

I believe we can learn from all things… and that we serve one another in our lives… and yes, even in our deaths!

It seems to me that we can look and learn from this heart-wrenching example… that the glamour of outer achievement, validation, money and opportunity are NOT enough!
WHAT?!?  Not enough?  “You’ve got to be kidding me!” you might say.
That fear is the very thing that drives most people.  What is ENOUGH?

What I mean is that most people are motivated by seeking OUTSIDE the self… to compensate for the wounds and missing needs that we “learned” in our early lives.  Based on the fears that these missing pieces of life education created, we have buried our wounds and looked outside the self – desperately, in many cases, attempting to find validation and reassurance in some way that we ARE enough… that we are lovable… that we are acceptable… and ultimately that we matter.

However, let us now honor the example provided by Whitney Houston, who reached the pinnacle of glamour, achievement, money, opportunity, success and validation.  She was adored by millions and millions of people.  And yet she is showing us that the most vital missing piece was nothing in the outer world…

What TRUMPED all that outer focus was the missing connection to her own self-value.

I have dedicated my life to this truth.  I have watched thousands of lives transform as people begin to wake up to this deeper truth and find out that the inner trust of self-value and self-love is capable of deepening the whole life experience.

To trust that we matter cannot come from another person.  It can be encouraged or mirrored from another… but we must eventually grow into the best news… that WE HAVE THE POWER to connect, claim, and KNOW our own value.

We just need the tools and clear information.  That is what I provide here at Empowered At Last… and every single person grows into more awareness and celebration that this truth changes their lives.  Lives that become better and better and better…

Then we can move into the remarkable gift of life… and invest in the outer world from an inner trust that I AM ENOUGH… Life is enough… and that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Blessings, Ron

New additions to the site and impacts of 2012

I hope you are all enjoying the new tweaks to the site.

I am making shifts, so that the site remains simple, user-friendly and as compelling as possible.  This information is so important… and so I am doing all that I can to make sure the experience is as nurturing and clear as possible, even in how you navigate the site.

There will be more shifts in the coming weeks.  Please tell your friends and family about the new additions!

And now to the impact of 2012…

Many people are reporting that things are “heating” up in their lives.  Many people have found themselves in an accelerated crisis or at least challenge.  Some are going through physical symptoms, such as challenges with the legs and feet.

Others are finding themselves in deeper resistance… This resistance then accelerates the DESIRE for whatever our favorite habitual ADDICTIONS have been.

This is a time when we need to nurture ourselves in a HUGE way… and we need to nurture and encourage those around us as well.

These reactive choices come most commonly from a fear of things changing in the world and in our own lives. There are even energies moving in the body that it is not use to… and when this happens, many people go into SURVIVAL choices, rather than showing up to nurture, connect and reassure one another.

And so this blog is meant to be a simple reminder to show up for YOU… and treat yourself like you would your best friend.  Would you suggest that your best friend reach out for that addictive substance or choice?  If not, then don’t treat yourself this way either.  It is so important to slow down and make conscious choices.

We need each other… and support is possible!  However, when we act out, we keep each other triggered and in fear.  So simply ask yourself… what do I want to be putting out in the world at this moment?  Who do I CHOOSE to be?

More thoughts later… Ron

The Long-Awaited 2012!!!

What does it mean?  Is it the end of the world?  Will things fall apart?  Is it all a bunch of BS???

We have heard talk about 2012 for quite a while now, from many circles.  We have heard extremes of both sides… from those who are convinced the planet will leave the physical or that it will be destroyed… to those who think it is cosmic BS!

Oftentimes the deepest truths are found in the middle.

For most people, thinking of 2012 as a prophetic time came from a growing awareness of the Mayan Calendar.

Yes, the Mayan Calendar is an amazing construct, which is aware that ALL things move in cycles.  We all know cycles, no matter what arena of life we look towards.  We see the moon.  We see nature.  We know of the female body, which goes through cycles in order to create more life itself, a miraculous cycle that is often not viewed from this deeper truth.  But I digress…

We all move in cycles.  However, most people have been so trapped in the limitations of our primitive life education, we haven’t known how to look to the bigger cycles.  Anything that does not create immediate gratification or give us the illusion of something we can control has often gone by the wayside.

However, cycles continue to move.  The Mayans were very aware of cycles and one of the most remarkable things is that they were even aware of a cycle that lasts 26,000 years!!!

That is much more info than most people have been willing to consider… “Ancient history” for some implies anything prior to the 20th century… or for sure ancient refer back 2000 years.  However, there are cycles that are much more comprehensive.

We simply need more education, because the deeper truth is that we are in the most profound coming together of cycles ending and beginning than anything we have ever known… more profound than ANYTHING!  Just pause and consider that for a moment.

The Mayan Calendar actually brings us to the end of that 26,000 year cycle in the year 2012!

What does it mean?  Is it the END of the world?

In some ways, yes.

I propose that this is the “end of the world” as we have known it.  As this cycle ends and a new one begins, we go through a doorway and a shift of directions.  If you look to the moon, you see that things cycle in one direction and then shift to the other.  Nature reflects the same thing as it moves through the seasons.

This will be the same shift… but we live on a planet where not even 1% of the people are educated about what this means in such a large cycle…
NOR how they can take advantage of these shifting energies to create the most remarkable time of expansion, healing and opening into personal potential that we have ever imagined.

All of this is possible… and IF we have the education and tools, it will become the most enhancing time we can imagine.  However, if we do NOT have the education and tools and merely try to hold onto what is familiar, we will be moving in RESISTANCE to life cycles, which involve change and evolution.

This will create more and more hell on earth… more and more friction, resistance, defense and fear.  It will create an acceleration of things falling apart.  Just look around you…

How many people do you know who seem to be in deeper crisis at this time?  They are everywhere.

The world is becoming more and more aware how DESPERATE we are for deeper education and understanding about what is going on… and how we can tap it for growth and enhancements.

That is what you will find here at EmpoweredAtLast!

I strongly encourage you to invest in yourselves… give yourself the education and tools to heal and enhance…
and share it with others.  I have created this vehicle because I am PASSIONATE about passing on a process of life that proves every day to enhance the lives of everyone who explores and integrates these simple, nurturing tools… and the deeper understanding of life and how it works at deeper levels.

I have created it in ways that are simple and convenient… the choice and opportunity is up to you.

blessings to you all as we enter 2012, a time of unprecedented opportunity.


Ron’s first post

As you can see, I have now created a blog on the site… to give us a place to explore many things. I will be posting comments on world events that impact us all… I so look forward to sharing unusual perspectives, so that we can all learn to focus on solutions and compassionate understanding of one another.

This is the most profound time we have ever known on the planet.  There is unprecedented acceleration… but there more profound challenges than we have ever known.  The bottom line is that the world is in DESPERATE need for a deeper life education.

So many things are out of balance… that it is becoming imperative that we look deeper into ourselves and at our own lives… investing in gaining a deeper education and moving into a new set of tools and choices that will play a direct role in creating more balance.

Each of us is needed in this endeavor… You do matter in this.  That is the first thing that I want to post…