Empowered at Last with Ron Baker
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The first version of my bio simply gives the facts... that I am a bioenergetics therapist, healer, author and life coach.

However, I think one of the best ways we can inspire one another is by sharing our personal story. Also, by knowing my story more fully, you will more fully understand why I know that major enhancement in our lives is indeed possible!


Like many of you, I started out in a family that did their best... but I discovered as I got older that I had learned little to nothing about life and more importantly, about who I am and what potential I actually hold.

Growing up with five wounded people was much like growing up on five separate islands. No one knew how to communicate or nurture very well. No one knew what to do with their feelings, and so mostly we just kept our feelings to ourselves... which really meant we swallowed most of them them and moved on, scared and unfulfilled.

Some of what we went through in those early years included the challenge of divorce, the confusion and devastation of alcoholism and mostly just a plain lack of life education. However, the pain and fear that built up inside me eventually became my initial motivation to find deeper answers and truths!

I wanted to understand life. I wanted to understand myself. I wanted to understand the whole point of being here. Life, as I saw it, did not seem fair or make any real sense.

The more I experienced, the more I realized that most others grew up with the same lack of life education that I did...not knowing who they were or how to create fulfilling lives. I also became more aware that many of the "systems" (such as governments) we have known in the world have not focused on creating real solutions that support the good of the whole.

Out of that revelation, another of my greatest motivations became finding out... WHAT CAN I REALLY COUNT ON?!?

I ultimately felt alone... BUT something deep inside me never stopped believing there were deeper, more loving answers to be found.


From the beginning of my life, I was deeply interested in music and in healing/personal growth. As my performing interests developed into real talents, I moved into an initial career performing leading roles on stages around the world.

I worked hard and was fortunate to get to do over 60 leading roles - both in broadway shows and in opera. A couple of favorites include Javert in Les Miserables and the title role in Phantom, with Kristin Chenoweth as my Christine.

And even though I was performing in glamorous places, often with very famous people, signing autographs and getting lots of attention, SOMETHING WAS ALWAYS MISSING! Deep down, I was still unfulfilled and didn't know why...

Fortunately, I also began to realize I wasn't just traveling the world performing. I was getting a world education... experiencing mdifferent cultures, religions and life approaches. As I began to choose that positive focus more consciously, synchronicities began to take place.


Like magic, the opportunity to study with remarkable teachers eventually presented itself... even working with indiginous peoples, healers, kahuna and shamans from various cultures. Finally, my search for deeper answers inspired me on a deep INNER journey.

I began to gather perspectives and truths about life, how it works, how it wants to "dance" through our lives, awakening us constantly into more and more of who we really are.

My awakening first hinted as a parasympathetic sensitivity. It was humbling and powerful when the people I cared about got sick or had physical pain, to feel it in my body as if it were happening to me... even if they were 1000 miles away at the time. Little did I know these revelations were leading me back to my other primary interest... personal healing and growth.

Over time my sensitivity deepened into an ability to really "tune in" to others... sensing where energy is moving or where it is blocked in their bodies. And just as I was learning to clear my own body, I was able to teach others to understand themselves. It became wonderfully clear that when people learn how to nurture and resolve the blocked energy in themselves, I am able to assist them into awakening many of their deeper potentials!

Life became a huge inspiration, which is profound in a time when things are accelerating unlike anything we have ever known.

This is relevant because it has become more and more evident that our lives will either accelerate in our wounded limitations or into the most profound potential we have ever known... depending completely upon our choices at this time!

It became apparent that I needed to shift the focus of my life, dedicating it to passing on this profound approach to life... helping others to also understand more about life, how it works, and WHY so many of us have been stuck in frustrations, limitations and challenges.

Those tools, solutions and clarity are exactly what you will find at EmpoweredAtLast!

And I am thrilled to say that ALL of my clients discover this to be so. We can all create lives that get better and better... knowing ourselves as empowered and aware. We can all learn to sustain proactive health, rather than being dependent upon a challenged medical industry that often lacks nurturing support or even the capacity for many to afford insurance.

We can learn how to move into deeper truths, where we know ourselves as individuals who make a real difference in the world around us.

I have now created and organized 14 worldwide meditations, coordinated with specific intentions while leading groups to sacred sites around the planet. There have been millions of people who have joined together for these events.

After so many years of seeking and exploring the world, I am convinced that most often people WANT things to be better. People WANT to feel safe and trust their value. People WANT to feel empowered. And people want to know that healing change is possible.

I imagine you are the same...
Like me, you simply need a deeper life education.

That is exactly what I am thrilled to now pass on to YOU...