Empowered at Last with Ron Baker
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Empowered at Last has been created by Ron Baker to provide a clear
"Life Education," using weekly videos to guide individuals into a deeper
inner awakening and a greater understanding about how life really works!

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The Course

The Course: offers a grounded and nurturing approach to life, with specific tools and clear information that teach you:
1. H
ow to create more fulfilling intimacy with your life
2. How to more powerfully manifest what is truly important to you
3. How to understand and tap the unprecented acceleration of energy that is taking place on the planet!


Testimonials: Listen to how this unique process has already proved to consistently enhance the lives of thousands all over the world.

Ron Baker is a motivational speaker, life coach, bioenergetics therapist and healing practitioner committed to inspiring others to discover and integrate more of their untapped personal potential. Most people go through life merely trapped in survival choices and don't even know it.
However, with clear "life education" about who we really are and how life really works, 100% of the people who invest in this unique approach make clear and consistent forward moves in their lives!